We made it to Chicago this afternoon, on our way back home…next stop, L A where we stay overnight until the first flight tomorrow morning.

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Some new things from the past two days…to catch up on what we’ve been doing.

Since the Internet in Italy was down yesterday, we are posting the following…hope you enjoy.

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Italian Internet was down….

The entire wireless in Italy was down yesterday….So, to catch you up on what we have been doing….last night was the Hawaiian Mass at St. Paul’s Basilica…we will post videos and photos soon.  This morning, we left our camp site at 8:30 am for Leonardo Da Vinci Airport….We just arrived at Chicago O’Hare Airport 20 minutes ago and are waiting for our flight to L.A.  Last night, we had a small party with gelato and other Italian pies to celebrate the completion of our Ad Altare Dei requirements or AAD….the AAD is very hard to get and is a proud moment for the Catholic boys….. 

Please bare with us, we will post more videos shortly.

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More photos today 10.11.09

DSCF1397DSCF1316DSCF1420DSCF2126We posted more photos….just go to the right side of this site to check them out….Thank you FujiFilm Hawaii for donating the cameras we have been using!  The quality has been so good, other news services have been using our photos for their publications!  Grazie….Ciao….

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Small World

Father Ed Poppish walked into the Vigil last night and met Scout Patrick for the first time.  Over 20 years ago, Patrick’s parents were married and Father Ed played the piano at their wedding.  Father Ed lives in Rome….what a small world.

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Shaka from Santa Maria Basilica’s Vigil – Last Night

Before the Vigil started, there was a Mass the Scouts attended.  Here are some Hawaii locals giving us a Shaka….plus, the two at the end of the video are from French Polynesia….Aloha or Kaloha, as they say in their part of Polynesia.

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Fr. Damien is not the only one to be Canonized

Here, we interview a few ladies from Scotland, who have come to Rome to show support for their Saint, Mary of the Cross, Jeanne Jujan, who founded The Little Sisters of the Poor….Some of the Sisters from Pennsylvania have been following our blog.

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St. Damien Scouts talk about the Canonization last night…

The night before the Canonization, the boys and leaders shared their thoughts and feelings about the Canonization.

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Dinner Italiano Style

The other night, the Scouts of Roma 60 came by to cook Carbonara for our Troop.  Awesome…made with eggs, parmasean, bacon, and penne pasta….wow, it was real good. Onolicious or belisimo….

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Fr. Damien Foundation

A man from Falnders, Belgium talks about the Foundation he runs called the “Father Damien Foundation”.  This Foundation helps those with Hansens’ Disease.

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